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Home Base

A digital home base.

Many libraries invest in social media, but don’t feel like they have a good “home” for online book discovery.

We make it easy to organize and share your content for patrons to find.

An app you can love.

Library software is often clunky and difficult, but Libre makes organizing your lists fun and easy.

  • Publish unlimited lists
  • Invite your whole team
  • Add books by title, author or ISBN
  • Share to social networks
  • Professionally designed templates
  • Hosted on your site
  • Clicks go to your catalog for checkout
Home Base

Beautiful List Themes

Our design team have created pixel-perfect list themes to help bring your content come to life.

Mobile, finally.

Everyone has heard that “mobile is important”, but building a new library website from the ground up is expensive. Well, here you go.

Mobile Phone

Create a list in 5 minutes.

“Offering Koios to our users brings us closer to our goal of connecting with our users online, where they already are.”

John Andrews
Internet Services – Washoe Library

A letter from our founder.

When I took my first college job as a library assistant, I had no idea that I would one day create software for libraries. I was, however, amazed by our library’s special collections--and surprised that almost no students used them. These conflicting feelings stayed with me long after I graduated and began to work in advertising technology.

One day, while designing ads for an entertainment site, I realized that, deep down, I was rooting against myself. I was hoping that, in spite of my ad, the person on the other side would manage to ignore me and focus on something that deserved his attention, like art, or classic literature, or learning a language. And I realized that if I could apply the lessons of digital advertising to the world of libraries, perhaps I could help him rise above the distraction.

Libre sprang from the hope that, in an age of influencers, people could be incited to think for themselves. That consumers could choose better than “Ten Things You Won’t Believe Are Real,” if given a choice. I see public libraries as our most natural friends and partners in this, and I hope you’ll join us in redefining online discovery and access.


The future.

At Libre, we want to line up the way librarians describe books with the way people search for them. So instead of 658.11 – Management, people can find "books to help me start a business" from their library through Google search results.

For more information...What is Libre.

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